11 basic barndominium with basement plans you must know

Welcome to the world of barndominiums, where the fusion of barn and condominium creates a unique living space that marries rustic charm with modern comforts. Today, we delve into the depths, exploring the often overlooked but incredibly valuable feature – the basement. Join us as we uncover 11 basic barndominium with basement plans that incorporate basements, providing not just shelter but a wealth of possibilities.

The Appeal of Barndominiums

Barndominiums with basements are like a cool mix of old-fashioned charm and new-school practicality. People really like them because they’re big, open, and don’t cost a ton to build. Basements provide extra space. You can add more rooms or use it for storage. They enhance the overall coolness of a home. These buildings are super flexible, letting homeowners make their spaces exactly how they want. It’s like having a cozy old barn mixed with a modern house.

The basements add even more options, so you can use them for fun stuff, work, or just keeping things tidy. In this collection, we’ve got 11 simple plans for barndominiums with basements to show you all the different choices. Each plan is to fit different lifestyles and needs. Checking out these plans? Remember, the main idea is the awesomeness and utility of choosing a barndominium with a basement. It’s a unique and cool way to have a home that’s just right for you.

Understanding the Basement Advantage

Let’s explore the world of cool homes known as “barndominiums with basements” and find out why they’re so awesome! These unique designs combine the features of a barn and a home. Imagine having a secret extra room underneath – like a basement. You can turn this secret space into whatever you like – a fun play area, a cool hangout spot, or just a place to store your things. It’s like having a bonus level to your home!

Empty white basement; barndominium with basement

This guide will show you 11 different ways people have designed their barndominiums with basements, giving you lots of ideas to make your home uniquely yours. So, if you want to make your home special and extra useful, keep reading to learn more about these amazing barndominiums with basements!

Basic Barndominium with Basement Plans

Plan 1: The Cozy Retreat

Introducing Plan 1: The Cozy Retreat, a standout gem among the 11 basic barndominium with basement plans you need to know! This plan is perfect for folks who want a comfy space that’s both practical and inviting. Imagine a home where the transition from the main living area to the basement is super smooth, giving you extra room for storage, fun activities, or maybe even an extra bedroom.

The smart design makes the most of both the space above and below the ground, giving you lots of options. If you’re looking for a simple and practical barndominium that not only catches your eye but also meets all your modern living needs, then this plan is for you. It’s all about keeping things easy and cozy!

Plan 2: Open Concept Bliss

Introducing “Plan 2: Open Concept Bliss,” where a fantastic barndominium steals the spotlight by blending barn charm with modern living, creating a unique space. Picture this: a cool basement that adds extra room and makes the home super functional. Downstairs, it’s like a big, open playground – you can turn it into a cozy family room, a fun play area, or even a home office.

Heading upstairs, the main living area feels wide and breezy, making it perfect for hanging out in the kitchen, dining, and living spaces. Having a basement isn’t just about more space; it’s like having a secret weapon for storage or when you want to make your place bigger. This barndominium plan is like a cool mix of old-timey and modern living – it’s a must-check-out for anyone who wants a barndominium with a basement.

Plan 3: Multi-Functional Living

Introducing Plan 3: Multi-Functional Living! This awesome barndominium design goes beyond the ordinary by adding a cool basement to the mix. It’s not just any basement – think of it as an extra space where you can have loads of fun, get work done, or even set up a cozy spot for chilling out.

barndominium with basement : A white empty basement with stairs to utilize for anything

This plan is all about making the most of every inch in your home. The basement isn’t just for storing stuff; it’s a place where you can play games, do homework, or just hang out with friends. We’ve taken the charm of a barn-style home and made it even better by giving you a whole new level to use however you like. Imagine having a secret hideout or a special space just for you – this plan lets you do exactly that!

Plan 4: Rustic Elegance

Introducing “Plan 4: Rustic Elegance” in the world of homes with basements, where the charm of a classic barn meets modern comfort. This design adds extra space below, turning it into a cool basement that you use for anything you like.

As you move through the different floors, you’ll notice a mix of rugged and fancy details – like exposed beams and smooth finishes – all blending together. The layout is open and roomy, with lots of windows letting sunlight fill the space. It’s like living in the countryside but with a touch of fancy style. If you’re looking for a home with a basement that’s both charming and classy, this “barndominium with basement” Plan 4 is a top choice.

Plan 5: Modern Simplicity

Imagine a cool house that’s a mix of a barn and a home with an underground space—let’s call it “Plan 5: Modern Simplicity.” It’s like a super trendy and practical place to live. This blueprint makes the barn-style house even cooler by adding a basement, giving you extra space to do fun stuff or just store things.

The design is all about keeping things simple and neat, so it looks really nice and clean. Big windows let in lots of sunlight, making the inside feel open and inviting. Plus, it’s not just pretty; it’s eco-friendly too, using smart things to save energy. “Plan 5: Modern Simplicity” isn’t just a building; it’s a perfect mix of old and new, making it awesome for anyone who wants a barn-style home with an underground space that’s easy, practical, and cool.

Plan 6: Family-Centric Design

Imagine a special kind of home called a “barndominium with basement.” Plan 6 is designed to make it perfect for families! This plan is all about creating a fantastic space where families can live happily together. We’ve carefully thought about every part of the house to make sure it’s super comfy and useful for everyone.

barndominium with basement: Beautiful design of basement with stairs, a desk, a stool and other materials.

Starting from the main floor to the basement, everything is connected smoothly, making it easy for the family to spend time together while still having their own special places. We’ve used the basement in a smart way to fit the needs of everyone in the family.

Moving from one floor to another feels like a fun adventure, and we’ve made sure to use every inch of space in a way that makes family life awesome. This design is not just about using space well; it’s also about making the whole living experience better.

Whether you want a cool play area for kids or a cozy spot for entertainment, Plan 6 is all about making a home that fits what your family needs. We focused on how families work and live to make sure every part of this barndominium with basement adds up to a home that feels just right for you!

Plan 7: Sustainable Living

“Plan 7: Sustainable Living” is a super important part of the bigger talk about “11 basic barndominium with basement plans you must know.” This plan really stands out because it’s all about living in a way that’s good for the Earth, especially when building something like a barndominium with a basement.

It smoothly connects with the main ideas about barndominiums with basements and adds in a focus on being eco-friendly. This means using things like systems that don’t waste energy, saving water, and using materials that get recycled. If you pick this plan, you not only get a cool barndominium with a basement but also get to help take care of the planet. It’s a smart choice for people who want a home that works well and cares about the environment. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Plan 8: Workshop Wonder

Welcome to Plan 8: Workshop Wonder, where we explore the cool features of a special home called a “barndominium with basement.” This plan is all about making a house with a downstairs area that’s perfect for a workshop. It’s like having a secret creative space right below where you live!

In this unique design, we’ve made sure the basement isn’t just for storage but is a fantastic workshop for people who love DIY projects or have a job that needs a special workspace. The best part? It’s super easy to move from your living space upstairs to your workshop downstairs.

We’ve organized everything in a smart way, so the workshop fits perfectly with the rest of the house. This smart setup means your home is not just a place to live; it’s also your own special spot for being creative and getting things done.

So, if you enjoy hobbies or have a job that needs a dedicated space, Plan 8 is all about making sure your barndominium is not just a regular home. It’s your own personal place for fun projects and getting work done. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, this workshop wonder turns your barndominium into a cozy haven where you can be super creative and productive.

Plan 9: The Entertainer’s Dream

“Plan 9: The Entertainer’s Dream” is a unique and impressive barndominium with a basement. It combines the cozy, rustic vibe of a barndominium with the clever addition of a basement, making it ideal for those who enjoy hosting great gatherings and having a good time. Going from the main floor to the basement is super easy, giving you a flexible space for all kinds of fun stuff.

This plan is all about being user-friendly, with lots of storage, an open layout, and easy ways to get outside. The design of a basement is to entertain with a big play area and a fancy bar – perfect for hanging out with friends. Plan 9 isn’t just good-looking; it’s also really practical, creating a space that’s cozy for relaxing and awesome for hanging out with friends. Whether you’re having a laid-back hangout or a fancier event, this barndominium with basement design has the perfect mix of style and usefulness for people who want their homes to be comfy and fun.

Plan 10: Stylish Efficiency

barndominium with basement: A modern basement design with LED, an aesthetic table and an adorable sofa

Plan 10: Cool and Smart Living stands out among the 11 essential barndominium with basement plans you should know about. This design mixes practicality with style, creating a special and cool living space. Instead of the usual barn look, this plan uses space efficiently while still looking great. The basement adds a useful extra space for storing things or even for more rooms. Additionally, Plan 10 makes the best use of the space. Its modern style sets it apart and is attractive to those looking for a trendy barndominium with a basement. It’s cool and smart, making it ideal for people who want a unique and practical living space.

Plan 11: Contemporary Comfort

Introducing Plan 11: The Cozy Combo, a standout among 11 awesome barndominium designs you’ll love. This plan combines the classic charm of a traditional barndominium with the modern comforts we all enjoy. What sets it apart? It features a basement in the barndominium design, providing you with extra space for storage or whatever else you can think of.

Going from the main floor to the basement is super smooth, giving you a flexible living area. This plan is all about making you feel comfy without losing any style points. It’s perfect for folks who want a mix of classic and modern vibes. Plan 11 is like a magic trick with its smart use of windows for light and open spaces. It’s not just eye-catching; it’s also a smart and cozy place to live!

FAQ Section

Can any barndominium be modified to include a basement?

Certainly! We can modify barndominium, which is a combination of a barn and a condominium, to include a basement. A basement is like an extra floor below the main part of a building. People use it for things like storing stuff or making more room to live. To put a basement in a barndominium, you have to dig and make a space under the building. This involves careful planning, engineering, and construction to ensure structural integrity and safety. Yes, you can add a basement to a barndominium, but it needs careful planning and good construction work.

What are the typical costs associated with adding a basement to a barndominium?

Adding a basement to a barndominium costs different amounts depending on where you are, how big it is, and the way you want it to look. Here’s a simple breakdown:

1. Digging and Base Costs: 

First, you need to dig a hole and make a strong base. This means paying for machines, materials like concrete, and the people doing the work.

2. Building Stuff: 

You’ll need materials to make the walls, floor, and ceiling of the basement. Think concrete, steel, insulation, and other things you build with.

3. Paying Workers: 

Getting skilled workers to do the job costs money. They’ll do things like dig, pour concrete, and put up the frame.

4. Permits and Checks: 

Most places need official permission for adding a basement. Getting these permits and having the work checked by officials costs extra.

5. Putting in Utilities:

If you want things like a bathroom or kitchen in the basement, you’ll need to pay for pipes and stuff for installation.

6. Making it Nice Inside: 

Once the basic structure is done, you’ll need to make it look good inside. This includes flooring, walls, lights, and anything else you want in your basement.

7. Keeping it Dry:

Basements can get wet, so you might need to spend more on special things to keep water out, like sealants or pumps.

8. Controlling Temperature: 

If you want the basement to be warm or cool, you might need to add more to your heating and cooling system. This could mean more pipes and machines.

9. Adding Stairs or Entry: 

You’ll need a way to get into your basement, so building stairs or an entryway will add to the cost.

10. Getting Help with Design:

If you hire someone to plan how your basement will look, like an architect or designer, you’ll have to pay them too.

Just remember, these costs change a lot, so it’s best to ask professionals in your area to give you a good idea of how much everything will cost.

Are there any limitations to basement designs in barndominiums?

Adding a basement to a barndominium can be tricky because these structures are usually built on a steel frame. The steel frame must be robust. It needs to support the weight of the basement. This requirement adds complexity. It also increases the overall cost. The design also depends on the layout of the barndominium and the type of soil at the construction site. It’s important to talk to a professional builder or engineer to figure out if adding a basement is doable for your specific barndominium project.

How does a basement affect the resale value of a barndominium?

Having a nice basement in a barndominium can make it more valuable when you want to sell it. A renovated basement enhances overall appeal. It adds usable space for bedrooms or extra rooms. This contributes to the total living area. A good basement can be like an extra cool room or a place to keep stuff, and that makes the barndominium better for potential buyers.

But if the basement is not in good shape or is not taken care of, it can make the barndominium less valuable. Problems like water, mold, or not having good insulation in the basement can make people not want to buy it. So, in short, a nice and fixed-up basement is good for selling a barndominium, but a messed-up or unfinished basement is not so good.

What maintenance is required for a barndominium basement?

To keep a barndominium basement in good shape, you should regularly check for any signs of water leaks or moisture. Make sure the foundation is solid, and fix any cracks. Keep the basement clean and well-ventilated to prevent mold. If you have any plumbing or electrical systems in the basement, inspect them for leaks or issues. Basically, it’s about keeping an eye out for problems and fixing them promptly to maintain a safe and dry basement.


Exploring barndominiums with basements reveals unique dwellings that go beyond providing shelter. They serve as a canvas for a life well-lived, offering a distinctive and versatile living experience. Whether you seek cozy retreats, entertainment havens, or sustainable living, the 11 basic plans we’ve unveiled cater to diverse preferences. Embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation, and step into a barndominium with a basement – where possibilities are as deep as the foundations themselves.